Project Presentation

Ba Ham Tanha  : Alone, Together

Tara Mehrad & Laurent de Oliveira 

Tara Mehrad is an Iranian singer, songwriter and Laurent is a French- Brazilian pianist, composer and arranger.

They met in Paris in 2016 ; Laurent had already been in the music scene in Paris for years and Tara was still looking to find her place and people ; her place as a solo artist and musicians to help her express her free and « outside the box » Ideas of rearranging or writing music.

Coming from such different worlds and curious about each other’s points of views, they started working together and haven’t stopped since.

Tara had already started her project of A Few Persian Songs  wanting to create a bridge between all the different worlds she had come to know, as to create a new sound that would express her authentique self, and to share her beliefs and ideas, as an Iranian singer, influenced by all her studies of Jazz, blues, latino music, Brazilian music,…etc and through cultures and artists she had known and worked with from all around the world.

Working on A Few Persian Songs with Laurent, they ended up taking the project further than expected as it led to creating a world of their own :

Their first album that will be out soon, is called Ba Ham Tanha which translates to alone together. The songs on this album tell the story of their lives, before and after they met, their very different cultures and their alchemy that has given life to a whole new musical world.

It’s a world with no frontiers. Iran which is a culture of poetry and mysticism explains the poetic approach in their songs and lyrics.

The harmonies delicately chosen, and played by the smooth and romantic touch of Laurent, to accompany the haunting melodies with oriental colors ; interpreted by Tara with so much heart and authenticity, as she easily juggles between the sound of passion and fire and pure water and clarity and takes her audience on a voyage in to her world.

Ba Ham Tanha is a bridge between their roots and their passion. The essence is somewhat mystical, revolutionary and yet romantic. Their music is in one way, looking to inspire freedom through telling stories, should it be freedom of expression or style, and in another way celebrating curiosity and love for tradition, gestures and the singularity of cultures and their crossing. We are all part of the same world, the same earth and the same spirit : Ba ham Tanha …. We are all alone but together. 

Live on duo

Our songs recorded during lockdown

Quartet : Voice/ piano/ double bass/ guitar

Quintet : voix/ piano/ contrebasse/ guitare/ batterie