I am a singer and songwriter ; I am from Iran where I grew up and I have been living in Paris for many years. Searching for my freedom in all dimensions, I found my true self expression in a musical world I created that is unique and has no frontiers. I have recorded my first official album and I am looking for a label/ team to accompany me for the rest of my journey.

My compositions are poetic, mystical and rebellious. I write lyrics in Persian, in French and sometimes in English. The album I am sharing with you is all in Persian and it will be my first official one. I recorded it with 6 other musicians coming from different cultures and musical worlds. We have recorded 10 songs as an Invitation for solidarity and change. They have been mixed but not yet mastered.  

The Phoenix

Flames of my soul

The secret of the wheel

Stand up !


Love is life water


Sing until freedom

Woman Life Freedom

10. Awakening

Musicians :

Laurent De Oliveira on piano, Martin Berauer on double bass, Douglas Marcolino on accordion, Mahan Mirarab on guitar, Andràs Dès on percussions and Christophe Bras on drums.

The album was recorded in Studio des Gobelins, Paris, France in 2022.