Laurent de Oliveira

Pianist/ Composer/ Arranger

Laurent was born in Paris in 1968. Son on a Brazilian drummer/composer Coaty de Oliveira (drummer of Baden Powell, Claude Nougaro, Nazaré Pereira,..) he begins by studying classical piano with Wally Karveno meanwhile self educating Brazilian music and jazz which leads to him finding himself on stage at an early age, accompanying various brazilian artists: 

Marcelo Ferreira, Catia Werneck, Filó Machado, Raul Mascarenhas, Ricardo Vilas, Raul de Souza, Clémentine, Chloé Deyme, Cacau de Queiroz, Manu le Prince, Claudia Marss, Simone Prattico etc… 

Parallel to his career as a musician, he starts teaching jazz piano and  directing Brazilian music workshops which he continues to this day. 

His musical knowledge and experience, his roots in Brazilian music and many other influences throughout the years as a self taught musician, has made his music to be of many colors innovative and spontaneous. 

His collaboration with the Iranian singer, Tara Mehrad that gives life to a new world of their own, as they preform together on different stages and theatres  «  A Few Persian Songs » that becomes a significant part of his music career. 

He also composes music for sound illustrations for many different editors.