Songs of phoenix

27 March 2022 in Comédie Nation


Tara Mehrad : voice/percussions, Laurent De Oliveira : piano, Martin Berauer : double bass, Songs of Phoenix is a unique, modern musical world with no frontiers ; melodies with oriental colors telling stories of the magic and the beauty of our world through the eyes of mystic, a shaman and poetess.


Tara Mehrad Quartet, June 4th 2022 in 38 RIV Jazz Club


Tara Mehrad : voice, Laurent De Oliveira : piano, Felipe Sequeira : double bass, Miguel Couto : drums. Tara Mehrad performs songs full of magic and mystery by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes, romantic melodies with rich harmonies by Tom Jobim, dancing poetry by Chico Buarque and more.