The beginning

Tara Mehrad was born in 1985 in Tehran into a music loving family, listening to blues and jazz from a very early age. Starting piano lessons at 6 years old was her idea and a necessity for her as she already dreams of becoming a musician.

With singing being forbidden for women in Iran, she starts singing in underground concerts with rock and pop musicians.Since singing and most types of music is forbidden in Iran, she decides to find a way to leave the country and pursue her dream of becoming a musician.


A few years later she arrives in Paris. She starts by studying jazz in the « American School of Modern Music » followed by Brazilian music in « Arpej » and « Bill Evans piano academy », all the while studying vocal technique with Jasmin Martorell, an international singing professor, with whom she creates a singing course in Paris called Souffle Chanteur.

Her interest for the mystical world is also a very important part of her teachings and performances. She practices Yoga, meditation, energy healing, different breathing techniques, etc, astrology, … which are big part of her world as a human being and an artist.

After years of performing with different groups and styles, she finally finds her voice and inspiration between her roots and her passion, between Persian poetry and Occidental harmony.

Her uncle Farhad Mehrad an Iranian protest singer and musician is one of her biggest inspirations as she decides to start a solo project called « A few Persian Songs », as a tribute to him, to her family and to her country. After her union with Laurent de Oliveira, a French/Brazilian piano player, the project inspires her to start writing her own music.

Her music has no frontiers, it is modern with oriental colors, mystical, poetic, rebellion and full of life. The songs are mostly about her own experiences and she writes lyrics in Persian but also in English and French.

In 2021 she makes her EP Ba Ham Tanha. The EP is made of 6 songs with Persian lyrics and available on all platforms. Listen to BA HAM TANHA

Her single SI TU Y ES is also available on all platforms. Listen to SI TU Y ES

Her first album BIDARI will be out by the end of 2022. Check out project