Singer, songwriter Tara Mehrad was born on may 3rd 1985 In Tehran, Iran. Most types of music, music devices, live music and especially women’s voices were completely forbidden by the Iranian government at this time ; despite all the restrictions, Tara was born into a music loving family and grew up listening to all kinds of music such as soul, Jazz, blues, …etc. 

She started playing the piano at 6 years old, guitar at 11 and started singing not long after. Born with a rebellious nature, as a teenager she performed in many underground concerts most of the time as the only girl despite the possible consequences. It was not until her 20s that she was finally able to leave the country and to see through her calling freely. 

Tara started studying music in Paris, musicology in the university, modern music and Jazz in IMEP and later on Brazilian music in Bill Evans Piano Academy and Arpej, all the while working on her voice with Jasmin Martorell, a French-Catalan classical singing master.  

In 2019 she starts composing her own music. Her influences were many as she has been touched by many voices, musicians and composers from all around the world such as Aretha Franklin, Mercedes Sosa, Farhad Mehrad, Jacques Brel, Elis Regina, Marzieh, Lhasa de Sela, Freddie Mercury, Violeta Parra, Cole Porter, Danny Elfman, Baden Powell, etc. 

Looking for freedom in all dimensions, she ends up creating a unique storytelling musical world without frontiers. She writes her lyrics mostly in Persian but also in French and english.

She releases her first EP Ba Ham Tanha (alone, together) recorded at home during the lockdowns in summer 2021. 

Listen to BA HAM TANHA

Her Single Si tu y es (If you are there) also came out in 2021. Listen to SI TU Y ES

In may 2022 she starts recording her first official album of original songs called Awakening that will be coming out in early 2024.

All compositions in the album have been dedicated to the Iranian women who still can not sing freely in Iran and especially to the movement #Woman Life Freedom for which she has been performing and composing since September 2022.