Barkhiz (Stand up)

“Barkhiz” Music and Lyrics by Tara Mehrad.

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Lyrics translation:

This weight on your shoulders is dry and you have gotten too old, put it down and stand up! This slumber is a hundred years old and is getting too deep, wake up!

Stop complaining from your broken heart, it is time now, rise up! From this anger, this repetition and from this pain, rise up!

You with the glass in your hand, do not drink that, stand up! From the light of your heart, you the lover, for your love, rise up!

We are all the same body, the same spirit, stand up! This empty cycle you end it , you stand up!

That the way of you dream is open, don’t deny it , stand up!

“From this deep slumber, deep slumber, deep slumber,…., wake up”( by Eghbal Lahouri )!